Manchester Theatre Academy

Established six years ago, Manchester Theatre Academy is aimed at young people, who want to learn more about performance.

Drama is a great way to build confidence, alongside learning new skills and making new friends. We are an inclusive group, like a big happy family and everyone contributes in their own way, at their own level. Some of our students want to finely tune their skills, with view to becoming actors, where others want to build their confidence, public speaking skills and to feel part of the group.

Stage, Set, Action!

We cover all aspects of theatre and celebrate individuals and their unique talents. You can often find us busy with;

  • Drama games- for team building, relaxation, imagination and thinking on your feet.
  • Creating plots from props, music, poetry, news and stories.
  • Building characters through voice, body language, movement and facial expressions.
  • Improvisation and devising
  • Taking part in productions, whether you wish to act in it or take a back stage role.
  • Working on audition pieces

Why not join us for a free taster session and see for yourself.